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Gummikennzeichnungen für Reifen

for Tyres

No product of the rubber processing industry, stands more for the "typical rubber" as the tires. Without tires the mobility...

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Gummikennzeichnungen für Antriebsriemen

for Driving Belts

Drive belts are subjected for extreme requirements and often sensitive links in the production chain. In scriptions and markings of drive belt is one of our core...

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Gummikennzeichnungen für die technische Gummiindustrie

for the Rubber Industry

The appropriate label / Marking for your product. We advise and recommend to always have the right Gummette®, Rubberette®, Vulkanette®, Mepolette® or ID Coded Rubberette®.

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Gummikennzeichnungen für Schläuche

for Hoses

Rubber hoses are subjected for in flexibility demanding substrates for labels and markings of Seri Plastica. Here apply high standards to which we provide successful since its foundation at a high level.

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Gummikennzeichnungen für Matten

for Mats

Rubber mats are in most cases significantly improved flooring purpose. With inscriptions and markings from Seri Plastica You can leave important notes...

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Gummikennzeichnungen für Flicken/Pflaster

for Patches

Patches and patches are important repair materials of rubber as components of permanent quality assurance. For the labeling, we offer various Gummetten types.

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Gummikennzeichnungen für Transportbänder

for Conveyor Belts

Seri Plastica labels conveyor belts with all information necessary, including quality which is significant for your company name.

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Druckproduktionen/grafische Industrie

Print production/Grafic Industry

The production and delivery range in this area includes advertising signs in all kind of materials (aluminium, plastic, foil), textile printing, acrylic printing, roll to roll large...

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Direct advisory service

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