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Seri Plastica GmbH based in Feldkirchen near Munich has been market leader in the area of rubber marking for several decades now. We produce labels for tyres, driving belts, conveyor belts, mats, sealing, patches, air springs, lift pads and all the other elastomer products. A high-quality marking of these items provides orientation and signals utmost product quality!

However, the demands are high:

  • The rubber marking must withstand even extreme stress.
  • The optical impression must remain appealing in the long run.
  • The product's function must never be affected by the marking.
  • The natural raw material rubber makes the products difficult to process.

Elastomer marking is a job for experts!
Consult Seri Plastica and place your product design in experienced, professional hands.

You guarantee for your products' qualities with your good name – we are always ready to support you in this challenge.

Direct advisory service

We are pleased to offer you support, contact us at:

089-909 36 540

089-909 36 5461

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