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Providing innovative products and systems of the highest quality –
this is our claim as a specialist for labeling of rubber in the processing industry worldwide.

For this, we bring top performance at all levels.

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Collaborative, service-oriented and reliable, we assist our customers with any requirements and problems.

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Products and Processes

From development to a product – we put high requirements on the quality of our goods and services, and constant improvement of our work processes.

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Our employees are upright, committed, and self-reliant. We maintain and invest in the necessary trusting environment.

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We steadily make new requirements for our company. Our internal structures are aligned together future-oriented.

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Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection

As a successful company, we take responsibility for the environment. We, therefore, use resources conscientiously and sparingly. Of course, we also comply with all health and safety regulations.

Direct advisory service

We are pleased to offer you support, contact us at:

089-909 36 540

089-909 36 5461

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