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Dear Seri Plastica business partners,

As you know from daily mass media, the world - and so Germany - firmly continues in the hands of COVID-19.

Seri Plastica company still has full access to personnel and material resources and is able to produce your rubber markings.

In order to face the virus, many sectors within Europe and worldwide have introduced restrictions. In this context, several actions and regulations have been set, that are beyond our control and force us to act. Aiming to protect our employees and taking into consideration the current situation, we have decided as a consequence of COVID-19 crisis to temporarily close our company from April 6th to 9th 2020 (Christian Holy Week) and probably from April 23rd to 28th April 2020.

In this period, we cannot supply goods. Already placed orders with confirmed shipping dates before the shut-down will be delivered in due time. For all other orders - those reaching us during our shut down included - we will try our very best to ship them on schedule. We shall keep you informed about future actions, which due to the global development of COVID-19 crisis are still unpredictable.

Thank you very much for your understanding! In case of any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the best to you and your families - and take good care of yourself!

Best regards,

Sebastian Schielein

Direct advisory service

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