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With the following questionnaire you can find quite uncomplicated the product suitable for your purpose. Simply choose(elect) the options important for you. You can jump over the questions which you cannot answer or are not relevant for you. On the right side you see any time the product variations topically possible for you.

•  Marking in or after vulcanization?

   Labeling in the vulcanization
   Labeling after the vulcanization

•  Back side or ribbed side?

   Back side
   Ribbed side

•  Automotive industry or engineering industry?

   Automotive industry (for example cars, trucks)
   Engineering (eg mechanical, electrical appliances)

•  Should the surface seem shiny or dim?


•  Shows the drive belt a strong tissue structure or is it made of textile?


•  Is the id monochrome or multi colored?

   Multi colored

•  Optional design in sheets?


•  DataMatrix / Barcode labeling (not consecutive)?


•  Special design is not compatible with an existing standard, please use direct advice.


Direct advisory service

We are pleased to offer you support, contact us at:

089-909 36 540

089-909 36 5461

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