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The company Seri Plastica is the market leader in the field of rubber marking for the entire rubber industry. For decades we manufacture and market innovate our high quality products for the worldwide rubber industry.

We offer the right solutions for rubber labels, decorations and markings for  Tyres, Driving Belts, die Rubber Industrie, Tubes, Mats, Patches, Conveyor Belts and for Grafic Industrie.

Technical Rubber Products lift itself mediatingat first glance by avalueaward from the competing product. Design by SeriPlastica makes the difference, creates the basis for purchasing decisions and promotes the productconfidence.

The good appearance may not affecting the functionality, durability and typical properties of the printed Item. The market demands flexibility, color intensity and extreme durability.

 With our expert team we will help you to customize your products and labeling.



The original for a longlasting, stable and visual high-quality marking of the rubber.

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If you want to apply an especially permanent and durable marking to your rubber products, our Rubberette® should be the label of your choice: During the vulcanization process, it becomes one with the rubber material of the labelled product.

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ID Coded Rubberette®

The ID Coded Rubberette® is further a rubber-label for the application after the tire production.

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Rubber markings that can be vulcanized or sticked on each elastomeric article.

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Unbeliavable flexible. Fast, easy to use and durable decorative marking of already fabricated elastomeric products.

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Fixette® – the fast, flexible marking for already cured elastomeric products

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Leave your own traces with T-PIMP®, the tire sticker.

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Our brand-new catalogue for the retreading industry is available now!

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